Persuasive Speech On Gay Adoption

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In this society that we live in today, as equal as everyone claim it to be, I believe it is not. Due to the simple fact that gays are still fighting for rights that they should have had decades ago. The topic today is gay adoption, and I am for it one hundred percent. There is no reason why gay couples should not be able to adopt a child, while there are thousands of children who don’t have families, and more enough ways of adopting, same-sex couples are just as loving and capable of caring for a child, just like heterosexual couples.
There are numerous ways to go about adopting when you 're in a homosexual relationship. Most often though, it is very difficult, parents must go through long and tedious steps, in the process of adopting. In
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If in a gay relationship where two men adopted a child then the legal parent gets to decide whether or not the second parent should have parental rights. In lesbian relationships this would be different, because one of the the women could have had a sperm cell placed in her to where now she is the biological mother. Also her and her spouse could have had the second parent 's eggs placed inside the first biological mother 's body, so that she is technically the biological mother also. This then would have to be resolved in the last option, which is a court appointed decision, but if the mothers just went through the steps of adoption; the legal parent will always have the decision to whether or not the second parent has any rights to the child. Just because people are fighting for gay adoption, doesn’t mean that every couple out there should adopt. People have to realize that all of their decisions that they are making, at the end of the day is only going to affect the child and the way that he/she grows up. I 'm not saying just because you are in a homosexual relationship you shouldn 't, not split up if you are not happy just for the sake of the child, because now this is forcing the child to grow up in a unhappy and …show more content…
Maybe even why shouldn’t they adopt, is it because the way people might think a child will feel or about it or is it just society judging another way that people are living their lives? The answer on my opinion is that they should be able to adopt. The way that I think about it look at how many children are getting taken out of the system, look at how many children are going to have families and really look at how many lives lesbians and gays are saving just by the fact that they actually want to have kids. So bottomline of the matter is that they can’t accidentally have child, this child is planned and wanted. I don 't believe if children are raised correctly, then he/she will come out any less fine than any other child raised in America, regardless of their parents sexual orientation. Lastly the divorce and all the drama that goes on between parents shouldn’t have anything to do with the child afterwards, only the part about who gets custody of the child, but even then those matters should be discussed behind closed doors. As long as the parents are doing everything in their power to make sure the child comes out a homophobic free life, that 's all that matters at the end of the day. Everyone has their own opinion and belief on how gay adoption should be handled, but mine is that they everyone even gays and lesbians should have the same right as everyone

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