Why Service Is A Essential Part Of The Christian Faith Essay

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Service has always been an essential part of the Christian faith. Jesus himself served others by spreading the word of salvation and showing kindness to those around him. Essentially, to those that were thought less of, tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers and anyone else not fully accepted into society. This is stated in Mark 10:45, “for even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many” (NIV). Therefore, it is only right for the followers of Christ to follow in his footsteps and serve those in need. This is one of several reasons why service is a vital part of being a Christian. However, a distinction must be made between an important part of life as a Christian and service being a way to get into heaven. This is an idea common to many religions, nevertheless, for Christians this is false. Good deeds will not get a person to heaven, they will however make their own lives and the lives around them better through service. Christian service is not necessary for salvation, but to save others by acting as Jesus would.
Following the idea that service is an essential part of the Christian faith, is a woman that illustrates this, Catherine Benincasa. Benincasa was a woman called to service by God during “the black death,” she never had the desire to be something other than a servant to the Lord. This woman was a strong and loyal follower of God, which is depicted by her life, “in the midst of poverty, terror, and stench, she and her…

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