Essay about Why Network Should Implement A Tuition Reimbursement Program

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Why Network should implement a tuition reimbursement program?

Learning never stops, and people should not be satisfied with the knowledge they have. Network Ltd has a lot of employees that are capable and always know how to achieve the best results in their work. They continuously strive for progress in work. They are also willing to help and teach each other to achieve their combined goals. If our company has a tuition reimbursement program, I think we can more attract and retain talents. In details, this program “is a popular benefit in which employers pay all or part of an employee’s tuition for college education. Employer-provided assistance for education expenses can be provided through grants, scholarships, or reimbursements” (Pattie, Benson & Baruch, 2006). In recent years, there were many firms that have adopted this program and achieved significant efficiencies. After learned about tuition reimbursement program, I realized that this program would bring many benefits to all of us: for the employees, and our company.

Benefits of tuition reimbursement program

The first benefit of TRP is that we do not need to personnel changes. Elliot Robins, associate dean of adult learning at Capital University, said that “Nurturing an existing employee through a tuition reimbursement program can also be cheaper than recruiting a new one” (Betsy Butler, 2010). Our current employees are familiar with their work. We cannot deny their productivity is extremely efficient. If our…

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