Why La Tomatina Is A Big Deal For People? Essay

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e reason why La Tomatina is a big deal for people because it is a colorful tradition and make a good excuse to show of young people throwing vegetables to each other. Prior to 2013 anywhere from forty thousand to fifty thousand people crammed into this tomato fight. Numbers of people came to this festival created a success. Last year’s event bought some forty thousand people, due to safety concerns of oversize of the crowd the organizers cut number of people who were joining the fight. It is almost irrelevant in the landscape of popular Spanish celebrations. It was virtually unknown outside of the small village where it is held until somehow it caught the eye of some major media outlet. Another reason why some people do not participate is because they do not like tomato to be thrown at. They replied that it is messy and people get hurt if they slip over. In this festival, there is no political or religion importance to La Tomatina. In 1980, the organization of the festival became the responsibility of the town. Soon this festival became internationally considerable and highly broadcasted by the use of international media. In the beginning, it was banned in the early 1950 's but people spoke and the festivity was allowed with more contestants and more frenetic feelings. The festivity was again cancelled till 1957, when as a sign of protest, the tomato burial was held. The three theories are symbolic, interpretive and functionalist that use in this research to discuss…

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