Why I Learned From College Essay example

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Going into college, I was very nervous about taking this class. Throughout high school, I excelled in math and science, but I always struggled in reading and writing. The most challenging part for me, then and now, is reaching the length limit for papers; my writing style is very condensed and it is incredibly difficult for me to expand my ideas to a specific length. While writing the first paper, I struggled with meeting the length requirement because I was writing about something I wasn’t passionate about. But to my surprise, the second and third paper were much easier to write, and much easier to reach the length requirement. What I learned from taking this class is that, writing can actually be very stress-free and natural if you are writing about a topic you are interested in and care deeply for. The project that demanded the most from me was definitely the first writing project. It is very difficult for me to write analytically, due to only writing persuasively in high school, and this paper forced me to write in a new way. Although it was unusual and difficult to write that way, I tried my best to meet the requirements and did as much with the prompt as I could.
The assignment that I am most proud of is the second writing project. The first essay was difficult because I wasn’t particularly interested in the topic; but the second essay really piqued my interest. As I stated previously, I write my best work when I am really fascinated in the topic and care deeply for…

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