Why I Didn 't The Sex Scene Essay

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I didn’t think my actions through, as I reached over and started to rub his leg. Mark didn’t say anything as the people on the screen acted out the sex scene. I had no idea that they had movies like this in the Redbox. Even though I had just taken a huge sip out of my wine glass, my mouth felt dry when I asked in a low whisper, “Do you mind if I kiss you?” He then looked down at me and shook his head no. Our lips connected and the room went silent. I normally would have been shy, but I had drunk a lot of wine. While we both ignored the movie, I felt both of our hearts thumping. I wanted him more than ever, but I didn’t know how to tell him that I was ready for him. We only made out on the soft leather couch like Trevor and I used to do. My lips were officially kissing another man and it felt incredible. I hope Mark was enjoying this as much as I was. Before I laid back, I seductively pulled him on top of me. Without crushing me with his body weight, he kissed me passionately. My hips rotated in slow motion as my legs opened up for him. I knew that something was about to happen until my phone rang. I wasn’t going to answer it, but Mark sat up and excused himself to the bathroom.
When I looked at the screen of my phone, I saw Trevor’s name. “What in the hell did he want?” I thought before I answered.
“What in the hell is that guy doing in my apartment?” He scolded.
“You heard me. You’ve got five minutes to get him out of there, or I’m coming over,” he said as he…

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