Why I Didn 't The Right Direction? Essay

1580 Words Oct 21st, 2016 7 Pages
You know you are moving in the right direction when you have the power to keep going even after facing challenges thrown at you from life. I always believed that for success to be tangible, one has to be resilient and optimistic. The ability to withstand stress, adapt and overcome changes in life is what helps keep you on track and reach your goals. Of course controlling your thoughts and keeping sane through changes in your life isn’t as easy as it sounds and that is what I didn’t know the moment I emigrated to America. Even Though I had the mentality of never giving up, I didn’t know how difficult it is until unexpected changes beyond my control tested my resilience. The difficulty of speaking the language, dealing with the cultural differences, and most importantly the difficulty of being accepted into the community tested my ability to either fight and learn, or escape from the effort that had to be put in to be successful in this country. My two biggest challenges that shaped how I reacted in my path to success in this country were fitting in the community and succeeding in school work, which I failed in both at the very start of my journey but quickly learned from my mistakes and my future is now looking more promising than expected.
Even though I was still young before coming to America, I lived a relatively upscale and successful life in my community back in Egypt which caused a huge difference in my life as I arrived here. Economically, My family and I struggled…

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