Essay Why I Chose The Galaxy

964 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Apple and Samsung are very similar in the way that they both sell smartphones and they both do the same functions. Providing the user with the same experience of cell phone calls and texts. These two companies are similar but have very different operating systems. They both have nearly the same apps and functions, such as music, internet, and web browsing. They are both smart phones, they are both at the top of the market, both are greatly desired by people overall, and they are great phones. I have been on both sides, IPhone and Galaxy, and I can honestly say that I prefer Galaxy. Why I chose the Galaxy is because it can do a lot more things than the iPhone without having to jailbreak the phone. When I had the Galaxy, it felt like I was free because I could download as many movies as I wanted without anyone or anybody telling me I couldn’t. I could download as much music as I wanted without anybody bothering me. With the Galaxy, you automatically have the option to do more than with the iPhone, from controlling the TV, speakers or projector from a phone to hacking apps and getting free stuff. With the galaxy, anyone is capable of accessing features without having to modify the software or downloading. Iphone and Galaxy both have their advantages and disadvantages. Galaxy if it’s not protected properly, people can hack into it but that’s like a one in one hundred percent possibility because only a small percentage of people can do that, but if they do end up doing…

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