Iphone External Factors

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Whenever designing a new product, engineers have to make many decisions that affect the final design of the product. There are many factors that engineers have to consider, but some of the major ones are global, economic, social, and environmental factors. Almost every product ever made has had at least this set of four factors considered during the design process. An excellent example of a product where all of these factors were used in the design process was the original iPhone.

The original iPhone, first released in 2007, was a revolutionary device that changed the way people viewed how phones were used forever. The iPhone was the first generation of true smartphones that allowed users to not only make calls, but surf the web, check emails, and store and listen to music. This device was not able to start the smartphone revolution without the many different design choices engineer make through its development.

When considering why a product is designed a certain way, we consider four important
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Without the incentive of making money in some way, the engineers at Apple would have not worked to create the iPhone. But the economic factors during the design process were just as important as all the other factors. For example if American society did not want an iPhone, none would have been made. It is when the factors combine do we see the design process working as it should, because many of the individual designs choices fit under more than one factor. The design of the iPhone as an all in one iPod, phone and PDA was as much as an Economic factor to create a new device, as it was a societal factor for the want of such a device. The iPhone was truly a revolutionary device in its time, and it would have not been the product it was if not for the consideration of these factors, individually and together, the iPhone would have never been the product it has

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