Why I Chose Film

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The film industry has always been such a monumental part of my life, it is a unique part of society. During the daily lives of people they are taught that emotion is wrong to show, it means you are weak. Though this teaching is very inapt the industry teaches us that showing emotion (loving, hating, desiring, ect.) is what makes us human. People spend years of their lives doing a mind numbing job that just gets them through life. With television, movies or on the stage you do something that changes the people who are watching in tremendous ways. That’s what the business is all about, inspiring people to do better and to think more not just go through life paralyzed to the world around. This is why I want to get into film making to help change …show more content…
Joking aside, I do want to be able to support my future family and my family now. I know I want to be married, after my career has started though, I don’t want too many distractions to lead me from my goal. Once I am married and have settled down mostly I do want to be a foster mother. I love children and hate the system, having many friends in it, I know what a terrible thing it can be. I want to be able to give as many kids a good home and support so that they can grow up and be something great themselves. Having a big family is a dream I hope I’ll achieve. As for my last goal in life, I want to be happy. I know that sounds cheesy, but I’ve grown up watching my family and I know they're miserable. They had dreams and desires that they abandoned because they were afraid of taking the harder route. I know I may end up working as a waitress, in a small town working minimum wage, because I can't find a job but I’m prepared. This is my passion and as long as I’m doing what I love, then I don’t care where I end up because I’ll be satisfied and content with

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