My Nursing Career: My Career Goals In Nursing

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Career Goals
As a child, my mom use to let me watch the Baby Story on TLC. Most people would ask my mom why she let me watch that. Well, her response was “she want to be an obstetrician gynecologist.” As I would say I want to be a baby doctor. When I finally learn the proper name for a “baby doctor”, I was so excited I could pronoun obstetrician gynecologist (OBGYN) when I was in elementary school. I came to college as a Pre-Med major. As a year passed, I realized that I did not want to be in school forever. I have an uncle who is an OBGYN and he was in school for twelve years. One of my main reasons why I do not want to be a doctor is their patient and doctor ratio. Doctors only spent a few short of seconds in the room with their patients.
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I have realized that many schools have where you can go straight from high school and do your entire prerequisite requirements and nursing classes all at one school. The main nursing school I have been interested in was Chamberlain. If I knew I could have gone straight from high school to Chamberlain, I am sure I would have went. When I think about being a nurse, I always think about being a traveling nurse. To become a traveling nurse, I must become a register nurse (RN) first. To become a RN I must attend a two or four year nursing school. Once I have completed my nursing degree, I must take my state board - NCLEX. Once I pass my NCLEX I must be a nurse for at least a year before I start traveling. A traveling nurse help fill in spot where nursing are running low staff. As a traveling nurse, I can pick any of my locations and even time lengths. Traveling nurses can stay at one location from 8 weeks all the way to 26 weeks. As a traveling nurse, you get to travel the world, see new things, while housing and transportation is being paid for. A typical traveling nurse works full time and can work eight or twelve hour …show more content…
Even though my traveling is over, me working in the health related field is not. I could do what I love dearly and that’s promoting good health, but more on the health education side. This part in life is where I will be until it is time for me to retire.
Training and Preparation
I have a huge idea and plan what I want to do with my life. As for prepping myself, I earned my certified nursing assistant (CNA) in 2003. By getting my CAN, it helps me prepare for the nursing field. Basic nursing assistant class is basically the first class a nursing student will take. Since I have already received my CNA I do not have to take that class. When receiving your CNA you learn how to make a bed, feed residents, peri care, how to do vital signs, and any other activities of daily living needs.
As for my health education preparation, at the end of spring 2016, I will have completed all my course work for a health educator. For preparing for my next step in the master 's program, I have been gathering all the information I will need to apply. I have been thinking about whom can I ask to write my letter of recommendation.

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