Why I Am A Writer Essay

1262 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Over the course of this semester I learned a handful of things about myself as a writer, that will help me develop as a more proficient writer over the course of my four years here. As a writer one of my strengths is backing up my argument with solid and concrete evidence that truly makes the reader believe what they are reading. Another area of my writing that I excel in is being able to process great ideas that follow the guidelines and the prompt. With that being said I have also seen that while the ideas may come with ease, I do have a challenging time with getting the ideas from my head onto paper in a manner that isn’t so disorganized that it makes the reader second guess themselves. Another shaky part of my writing comes much before the actual forming of sentences. Even before I began to formulate sentences on paper, more often times than not I will not outline the paper and the main talking points of my paper. This makes it very difficult to write without going off track and beginning to talk about something off topic. Something specific that I have noticed with my writing is that both my grammar and sentence structure are two things that are lacking in my composing arsenal.
As a researcher I find myself finding viable sources with ease to solidify my stance on the topic proposed. After accumulating a multitude of source I find myself only taking very limited information from them. Although all the sources I find are solid, I also often times find myself using the…

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