Edna St. Vincent Millay: Journal Analysis

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Constructing my portfolio and building my journal on Edna St. Vincent Millay has been a fascinating journey. I have been able to learn about one of the most influential writers of the 1920's, and put myself in her shoes through the one passion we share the most, writing.

I believe overall my history portfolio was fairly well constructed. The part I am most proud of was the Political, Social, and Economic Change graphic organizer. I spent a great deal of time on it and talked to my grandfather about the cause and effect of the great depression. I was able to fully understand what a stock market crash is and why it happens. I am also proud of my F. Scott and Great Gatsby paper because I researched for hours to understand the meaning of the Great Gatsby, and I have even started reading the book.

The part of my project I enjoyed working on the most was the My Candle Burns At Both Ends assignment. I enjoyed this assignment because I was able to look more closely into a poem I already loved, My Candle Burns At Both Ends. I
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I was not able to get a great deal of people’s names and talents written on my paper. I would like to be able to explore more about each individual person, rather than just picking one person to do my essays on. I wonder if I would have made a different choice on who I would choose to study had I had the opportunity to explore the lives of many different people.

The assignment that stretched my mind the most was the twenties, graphic organizer. Though I had little to no prior knowledge on the 1920’s, I found it difficult to write a detailed page on a subject I had not yet explored. I worked very hard on it and did a great deal of research when constructing it. I enjoyed this assignment and even had fun with the design on it. The information I had learned when constructing my 20’s graphic organizer helped me later on in the project

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