Essay about Why I Am A Veterinarian

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When Deja was around the age of 10, She would buy a lot of stuffed animals and act as if she was doing procedures on them for fun. She would often beg my mom, asking if she could go to the zoo, so she could see animals and ask the caregivers questions about the animals and what they did to help them. Lauren Hughes once said “I am a veterinarian. I work long hours, my hair is often pulled back,I have student loans that you wouldn 't believe. I can 't take every sad case home but at the end of the day, I love my clients, I love my patients, I love my job, Because i 'm a veterinarian and i get to save lives.” The main reason I want to be a veterinarian is because I truly know I care for animals and have the patience to be able to deal with them and their owners in order to help cure them from whatever they have. Working long hours wouldn 't be a problem to me as well since i would be able to at least enjoy majority of my time caring for the animals inside of the hospital. I feel this career has an impact on the owners and the pets. Majority of people who own pets, see them as a companion or a part of their family than just a pet, so to me, it 's very important that I can assist them with their pets in order to keep the relationships between animals and their owners connected.
The Duties for working in this field would be that you have to be able to provide medical care to for animals, mostly pets but on other occasions, it can be a zoo animal, livestock or laboratory animals.…

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