Why Do People Eat Fast Food

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We as a country know fast food is terrible for you, however, why do we continue choosing to eat it? People nowadays do not have any self-control and that is why they keep indulging in their guilty pleasures. Too many people eat fast food which is making them put on weight and become obese. In addition, fast food is much easier to come across than healthy or organic foods. For many low-income families, they cannot afford to go to the grocery store and buy bunches of fruits and vegetables. Fast food restaurants serve food arranged quick and served at a fast pace, in most cases you don’t even have to get out the car. It is precooked ingredients that have been warmed and served to clients. They are high in sugars, fats, and starches. The ingredients …show more content…
People do not realize how much money they truly are spending on fast food. A chicken nugget meal from Chick-Fil-A is $6.75 and getting that for a family of 4 adds up to $27. Imagine spending that 3-4 times a week. That is over 100 dollars a week on food that could potentially kill you. Sure it is cheap for the moment but if you are eating it every other day than the money you spend on it is starting to add up. There is no telling how much money my family and I spent on fast food. The only difference between my parents and my brother and I is that we are active. My brother and I have practice every day of the week. We remain active while our parents both work at home every day. Working at home has my parents sitting down all day behind a computer screen with no physical activities. I believe that is the issue with many people in today’s society. Eating from boredom and binge-watching Netflix while laying down has become a very common pastime for most. People do not watch what they eat anymore and we all know how hassle some counting calories are, people just simply do not have the time for it . Nobody wants a salad anymore and nobody craves fruit. People go out and instantly have a taste for a Big Mac from McDonald’s or a Whopper from Burger King. People assume that if it’s healthy then it has no flavor and this is just one more factor of why people avoid what is healthy for

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