Argumentative Essay: The Fast Food Industry

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Imagine going home from school and you're really hungry, but your parents aren't home. Working and there is no one to cook for you. Some young adults don't know how to cook either so the only option is to buy fast food. This can be occurring all the time so the fastest way to get some food, is by going to a fast food restaurant. This obviously isn't a healthy state for anybody. Why? Because it's unhealthy, contains high calories and sugars. And young adults tend to eat it, because it's the fastest way to get food as well as being cheap. Another reason why is due to the taste being so good, you want more and more. Some say it's the eaters problem and fault because it's their personal responsibilities to chose to eat it. Others don't agree and …show more content…
Bittman also goes onto argue that the food company's mission is not public health but profit, so they’ll continue to sell the health-damaging food that's most profitable. Until the market or another force skews things otherwise this will keep happening. Particully saying that the food companies don’t care about what’s in the food, and how unhealthy it is but all they care is to make money. That also isn't the problem, they enlarge the sizes of the meal and given cheaper. Young adults take advantage of that and then continue to buy more and more until it's addicting because it's so good. Young adults choose to eat fast food because it is what's most convenient to the young college lifestyle, not knowing that some fast food companies lie about the product being sold. In the 1980s fast food companies increased drinking sizes, in 1972, a large was smaller than a medium today. These increased sizes for lowered prices and has carried the attention to many young adults due to the fact that is more convenient and cheaper. Advertisements held a huge responsibility as well by marketing the consumer not caring about the consequences of what is being eaten and damage its provoking the eaters. This generation becomes so careless of the choices being made, yet regrets all of it when something tragic happens. For instance, being healthy can be lead to obesity which is bad eating disordered or diabetes. The obesity rate in america is now 40 percent that's 24 percent more than what it was in

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