We Eat Fast Food In America

Food for Thought Throughout the world there are various problems that deal with food. A lot of these problems have to deal with the fact that the food we eat is not always what we should be eating. According the the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 34.9% of adults are obese in the United States of America. If it were my decision, the food we eat everyday would be much different, and it would also definitely be healthier and more inexpensive. Instead of advertising food such as the junk we see on everyday television, there would be a lot more advertisements for fresh produce, proteins, farmers markets, and more healthy foods. The way the rate of obesity keeps climbing is unacceptable and it must decline if we are to become a healthier America. Fruits and Vegetables are where we …show more content…
In the United States, 44% of Americans eat fast food at least once per week. In my household i would say we go to a fast food place such as McDonalds or Taco Bell at least once or twice a week. One of the biggest problems with fast food is that it is advertised almost everywhere and due to the mass advertisements of the fast food markets, it tempts customers to buy the food based on cheap and inexpensive deals that will get you a lot of food. The number one biggest problem with fast food however, is that it is unhealthy for you. My family could eat much healthier than we do, but we always end up buying into the temptations of Chipotle or Subway. Instead of going to the copious fast food establishments spread across the valley, I would rather shop for my family at a much healthier store such as Fresh n Easy or a different farmers market. Due to the fact that the food you will buy there is all natural and it is not processed, it is a healthier plan to eat foods from there than McDonalds. I would much rather buy watermelons or oranges for my family than a big mac for each one of

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