The Side Of Causes And Consequences Of Fast Food

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78.6 million US adults are obese. That’s 34.9% or just over one third. (CDC web) The United States has a vast weight problem; where does this problem stem from? From a plethora of possibilities, fast food is the front runner of causes. Places like McDonald’s and Taco Bell are the establishments where many Americans indulge in the sinful fodder that is making them balloon up. They know how bad it is for them; they know that are not supposed to eat it, yet why do they continue to consume it? What makes fast food so appealing to Americans? If Americans know the consequences of this food, they should not ever eat it and they should focus more on consuming healthier foods.
Most Americans are aware that food from places like Burger King, McDonald’s,
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Going to McDonald’s and eating some juicy Chicken McNuggets with a side of salty, hot fries and a large, cold Coke would definitely be satisfying to gobble down. Having a freezing, chocolatey sweet milkshake and molten, gooey cheese sticks covered with perfectly seasoned marinara sauce from Sonic certainly sounds like a pure, ambrosial delight, doesn’t it? Who would want to eat healthy with something so delicious just lying around, waiting to be eaten? Eating these foods in moderation couldn’t be bad. People need to indulge every once in a while. While many Americans may believe this to be true, fast foods are still bathed in fats, sodium, and extra sugars. Eating just one fatty meal can increase lipid oxidation, which promotes fat accumulation in the body. (Jaworowska 313) Yes, eating fast food occasionally won’t do as much harm as eating it all the time. Despite this fact, it still can cause harm and eating something healthier is a much better substitution. But how can one make healthier food when it’s so expensive? Fruits and vegetables often times cost as much as, if not more than, a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. Organic foods and leaner cuts of meat are also hard on wallets. Most Americans can’t afford to eat healthy anyway, so why should they even bother trying to do so? This isn’t entirely true. As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to help save money while eating healthy. Checking for sales, using coupons, and …show more content…
Fast food only creates problems for people and eating healthier can eliminate those problems. Fast food may seem cheap, but eating healthier can be cheap too if one studies up, looks for deals, and shops smart. Americans can break this fast food craze and jump on the healthy bandwagon. It’s much easier than they think, but eating fast food hinders that. Americans know the consequences of this food, they should not ever eat it and they should focus more on consuming healthier

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