why college athletes should be paid Essay

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Why Collegiate Athletes Should be Paid In our world, people who bring in money with their talents are usually compensated for their efforts. It makes complete sense right? Well for college athletes, they bring in billions of dollars worth of revenue for their school, but do not get compensated for their talents whatsoever. Most people argue that only professional athletes should be paid because it is their profession, but people do not take in account for all the hard work and effort these student athletes put in. Just like professional athletes, college athletes put their body on the line, and a free bachelor's degree is not worth their body they put on the line. Someone that could potentially injure their body for life deserves more …show more content…
These athletes who put their dream on the line risk their body while these colleges are making billions of dollars. Last year, collegiate sports brought in 845 billion dollars worth of revenue from these athletes who are risking everything for a bachelor's degree. That does not seem fair to them at all. This is described as, “An education, however, is not all they need money for on the bumpy road to living their dream of playing professionally” (Elite 4). Not only do they deserve an education, but they deserve compensation for the billions of dollars in revenue they are bringing in for risking everything they are going to school for currently. Not only do these athletes deserve some kind of compensation for their efforts of this essentially tedious “full time job,” but also deserve medical insurance for themselves. These athletes deserve benefits for all the revenue they are bringing in, at least some coverage for the gruesome injuries that come out of all of these sports. With all this into account, is a bachelor's degree really worth all the risk? No, student athletes also have to work harder than the average student with training, practice, and keeping up with academics. People may say that college athletes do not deserve the money, but in retrospect, these athletes work harder than the average person could dream of working. With all the work these athletes put in, they more than deserve a paycheck for all their contributions they make with their talents

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