Why Canada Should Implement A Tuition Free Post Secondary System

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Canada is believed to be the smartest country on Earth, with the highest percentage of citizens possessing a university degree in the world—51 percent. However, unless one has sufficient funds allowing them to pay all of the fees up front, graduates leave university with an unfathomable amount of debt. “The average student debt at graduation from a Bachelor’s degree program was $27,000 in 2009.” (Ivanova) This takes graduates an average of 15 years to pay off. Although this would be an enormous expense for our government, the positive outcomes that would result from making post-secondary education free would greatly exceed the cost. We should think of this as less of an expense, and more of an investment. Two reasons why Canada should implement a tuition-free post-secondary system are to lessen the financial strains that students and their families are burdened with and because of the economic benefits that our country will receive consequently.

The first reason that Canada should make post-secondary education free is to relieve the burden that students encounter because of the debt that they must take on in order to attend university. Although students are the lowest earning age group in Canada, they are burdened with the enormous expense of tuition, even though “university education is a route to considerably higher lifetime earnings” (Ivanova). Would it be right for us to force those who use services to pay solely for the entire expense? For example, what if the sick or…

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