The Importance Of Education In Education

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Every semester I ask myself the same three questions and the longer I have been pursuing post secondary the more I think about the costs of post-secondary in comparison to the benefits of my degree. I work part time at Bed Bath and Beyond to help my parents pay rent and keep food on the table so every time I look at class registration I always artistically stack my classes like Greek columns to grab as many hours as I can at work. My father always says that you can’t do anything without money and it’s the truth you can’t, and it shames me because the academic route I decided to take isn’t known for the Steve Jobs of the world but rather the eco-terrorists and political upstarts. Public policy has always been my passion because of the social …show more content…
It means getting involved in your community to get the necessary experience for your degree while balancing it with your job. It means the day off that work gives you is the day you go to school. Sometimes being a student means only seeing your family right before you brush your teeth before bed and quickly spew out the happenings of your day because you only have 6 hours before work and want to reinforce the idea that you are mentally and physically okay. Sometimes being a student means buying second hand books online and typing PLEASE into the box that asks if you have a coupon because Canadian generosity is limitless. Some days you don’t think about your financial situation while being at school and being present at higher education humbles and drives your passions. Other days you can’t help but feel like you should have gotten another shift at work instead of going to class to help your family. Most days it’s an internal conversation of sleep or study. But in 2016 being a student has never been more rewarding and important to an individual and to society. As hard as it is being a student the rewards outweigh the benefits. When I met the people I aimed to help, I did an internal analysis to see what I could do to work harder for my degree and my family. As expensive as it is to be a student and the little time it feels like I have to myself, I know that it will be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I won’t have to sell a kidney in order to stay on the path. If I get labelled as a political upstart along the way, then I’ll take as many libertarian’s down with

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