Why Should The Federal Government Help Students Go For College

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In the article “Why should the federal government help students go to college”, the author argues that without financial aid, many students wouldn 't be able to go to college anymore. In addition, the author considered that higher educated students would be beneficial to our country and economy in the future. After reading this article, I agree with the author’s ideas. That is to say, if the Federal government helps students go to college, as a result many social issues will be solved. For example, the economic gap between the wealthy and the poor would be reduced, population of the homeless would be reduced and social inequality, even environmental issues. The following statements are my perspectives. To begin, with the help of the Federal government, an increased number of children without the financial support means there will be less students who would be able to go to college. As one of my African-American friend told me, it used to be difficult for the African-American individuals to break out the poverty cycle. This occurs because, there are several choices for kids without financial means. In many cases, they have become a rapper or a basketball player. However, this is only the case if you have talent. On the other hand, the individuals who cannot find their niche become drug dealers, which is extremely popular in the slums. The other option would be to work without a degree which is difficult but, the students won’t get paid much and it would be hard to…

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