Essay about Why Acl Injuries Are More Prevalent Of Female Athletes

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This study seeks to explore and explain why ACL injuries are more prevalent in female athletes.

FACTORS OF ACL TEARS ACL injuries are due to many different factors besides the way a person lands or moves their legs. Some of those factors depend on an athlete’s age and/or the length and frequency they play, whether it be in an actual game or practice. Many athletes begin playing sports around the age of five or six years old. Children that age play sports for the fun of it and also play more than one sport. As a child grows older, they have the influence from their parents or friends on what sports to play and some end up devoting all their time in one sport, which can increase their chance of attaining an injury. Neeru Jayanthi discussed that, “risks of early sports specialization, meaning year-round training in a single sport with the exclusion of other sports, includes high rates of injury, increased physiological stress and quitting sports at a young age” (Jayanthi, 2012, pg. 2).
“Many children begin playing year round through travel leagues at the age of seven or eight. Injuries for athletes are higher for those competing at an international level (87%), and that higher training increased the chance of injury” (Malina, 2010, pg. 365). Even though injuries in general are not biased to any age, the prevalence of ACL injuries can occur in those between the ages of fifteen and forty five, because of how active they are.
Sports injuries happen to people regardless of…

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