The Importance Of Training In Professional Sports

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Little league pitchers are too young for certain workouts. For example lifting weights may not be safe, but Dr. Preston, Dr. House, and Dr. Vangsness hypothesis that weightlifting is not the direct issue of shoulder and elbow injuries. In their article, the three doctors believe the joint integrity training is the cause (Preston, House, and Vangsness 3). Since the joints of little league pitchers are not completely developed, joint integrity training damages the joints instead of strengthening them. However, being intently focused on winning, very competitive parents do not realize the light workouts they have their young pitchers do, is undermining their conception of proper training.
The pressure hypercompetitive parents exert on their child to succeed, also, puts their child at a higher risk of injury because the parents force their child to specialize in only one sport. Dr. Neeru Jayanthi and his team at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, agree that sports specialization is defined as intense training of only sport throughout the entire year (Jayanthi et al. 2). In their case-control
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Although applying pressure to children is important to prepare them for the future, little league baseball is not an appropriate setting to force children to grow up. The participants in little league baseball only want to have fun playing the sport they enjoy and not propelled to the point where baseball is more stressful than enjoying. Furthermore, some sport psychologists have reasoned that not all the personality traits from the pressure of hypercompetitive parents and baseball are beneficial to the player’s adult life. Therefore, pushing the participant was unnecessary and unbeneficial; in fact, all of the prodding the parents did actually did more destruction than it was

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