Factors Of ACL Tears In Sports

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As a collegiate athlete and growing up in the vast world of sports, I have seen my fair share of ACL tears in athletics. ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament. It is a located in the center of the knee. This injury tends to be common in soccer, football, and basketball. For my research paper I focused on the topic of ACL tears in athletes. My research question was, “What factors put athletes more at risk of tearing their ACL, and if torn, how do athletes bounce back mentally and physically during the rehabilitation process?” For my research I used library databases and credible internet sources along with interviews with an athletic trainer and an athlete. I initially had planned to conduct surveys with athletes at MWSU who have torn their …show more content…
She is there every day for treatments before practice and after practice along with all of our matches. Emily has a vast knowledge of sports injuries. She is someone I was planning on interviewing for this paper because she has a vast knowledge on the factors of ACL tears and the rehabilitation process that takes place after surgery as well. However, I decided that I only needed to conduct an interview with my teammate Kelsey Olion. Kelsey recently tore her ACL and was a great source of information on not only the physical part of rehab, but also the mental part that goes along with tearing your ACL. Some questions I had planned on asking our trainer were; “How long is the rehabilitation process, what would be a daily routine for someone in rehab, what are some exercises used during the rehabilitation process, and what prevention exercises are done after the tear and rehab is complete?” I realized that Kelsey could answer almost all of these questions for me, so I just used my interview with Kelsey for my research. Some questions I asked my teammate were; “How difficult were your exercises in rehab, when did you feel 100% again, how scared are you to injury your knee again, was the process mentally or physically exhausting, and what would be some daily exercises in rehab?” These interview questions helped me obtain a better understanding of the physical and mental aspects of the rehabilitation

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