Common Complications Of ACL Pain

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Every patient experiences an ACL injury different, but there are some common symptoms associated with an ACL tear. Pain can range from minimal and transient to severe and lasting. The pain may be described as being deep in the knee but more anterior. Most individuals that tear their ACL experience a popping, snapping or tearing sensation during injury. With a tear there will be rapid swelling and weight bearing leads to a feeling of the knee giving way or “just not feel right” as described by our patient (Wedro 2015).
ACL injuries are more common in women than men, particularly for those women who are involved with jumping and pivoting sports (Anderson 2009). There are many factors and theories behind why women tear there ACL more than
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Infection is kept down by having the patient take antibodies for a week following a surgery. One complication doctor Rains was worried about is a blood clot forming in the legs and traveling to the heart because the patient was on birth control which increases the chance of this happening. To help prevent blood clot doctor Rains proscribed aspirin for the next two weeks. The Aspirin contains a blood thinner that will help the blood from clotting. Another complication that is common in patients following ACL repair is Arthrofibrosis. Arthrofibrosis prevents the patient from regaining full range of motion, particularly the terminal five degrees of full extension” (Shelbourne 1991). For some patients the last five degree isn’t important, but for a person returning to sport this complication can have a great impact. He also keeps the patient in a knee brace locked out in the straight leg position. Doctor Rains said to combat this complication he has his patient set up rehabilitation before and after …show more content…
Discussion: The patient in this case study was a perfect candidate for an ACL repair with hamstring autograft because of the injury sustained to her ACL ligament. Doctor Rains acknowledged that two-thirds on the patella tendon can be used and has better results but chose to do a hamstring autograft. He based the decision on the age of the patient. Most studies done on patella tendon graft vs hamstring tendon grafts are done on an older population. Doctor Rains said younger patients have a better ability to heal and are less likely to reject the graft.
There is a lot of information on patella and hamstring grafts. In the end, doctor Rains said both are good approaches. Doctor Rains said each case is different and there are factors he looks at when determining witch graft to use. He looks at age, activity level, cosmetic issues and what the patient want to do after their surgery. With any surgery there is a risk for complications and the patient was very fortunate not to experience any. The patient should make a full recovery after surgery and should be playing basketball again in nine months following

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