What You Should Know About Video Interviews Essay

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What you should know about Video Interviews
Face-to-face interviews have long been the immediate form of communication between applicants and potential employers. However, these are not always possible, nor are they always practical. This is especially true of applicants who are not local or of businesses with a difficult time scheduling interviews.
In many instances, employers turn towards phone interviews instead. This is a common practice for an initial meeting with an applicant or when it isn’t possible to meet in person. However, there are several challenges that this presents. For example, it is difficult to truly learn what you need to know about an applicant over the phone. There are also times when the phone service offered to the applicant or the interviewer is not ideal for a phone interview.
Over the years, technology has advanced in such a way to help alleviate most of these problems. Now, companies have access to video interviewing technology, along with traditional forms of applicant management, to help with the interview process.
What is Video Interviewing?
The concept behind a video interview is rather simple. Applicants will set up a connection with the interviewer, via a web connection, and conduct a live interview through their web cameras. Naturally, this process offers many benefits for both parties.
Benefits of Video Interviewing
One of the largest benefits that can be seen from video interviews is with the savings in recruitment costs that an employer…

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