What Observations Did The Paramedics Make? Essay

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What observations did the paramedics make? The paramedics noticed that there was empty bottles of wines on the ledge of the hot tub. Kavita noticed that the Underhills were lying at the bottom of the hot tub. Kavita also notices that the water of the hot tub was really hot after pulling them out with the help of her co worker Larry they noticed that the couple had been dead for awhile.
List the questions raised about this situation or that you think that the investigators should ask of the maid. Does the couple have a drinking problem.
Does the couple have any enemies. What are the maids hours at the residence.
How long was the couple dead for. 3. List any physiological effects that you think would be associated with this situation. The husband Clint was on Lasix medication and took some before going into the water. Also that the couple was drinking wine and that could be dangerous for Clint since he is on medication. And that the hot tub was really hot which can cause harm to their bodies. 4. How might these physiological effects have contributed to the Underhills’ death? This can lead to physiological effect from the Lasix that Mr Underhill was taking because Lasix which is also known as Furosemide is a form of water pill it prevents the body from absorbing too much salt and allows it to pass during urination. This medication helps treats swelling issues a person may have like people with heart failure and kidney and liver…

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