Being A Medical Assistant Essay

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others,” (Hale). The main tasks medical assistants have to do on a daily basis is retrieve medical information from the patients, and share it with other medical personnel’s that are involved with their patient. People may think organizing and being an assistant may not be really help, but in reality it’s really one of the biggest helps in the medical field. The doctors and nurses are usually too busy with patients to have time to organize the paperwork. Karla works at a clinic with patients from different ages, in that case the clinic usually is always crowded. The doctors are always in a rush to serve their patients without getting a complaint …show more content…
If an individual’s career happens to be a medical assistant they would have to be organized, responsible, respectful, and patient. Your daily routine would be recording patient history, personal information, helping doctors with patients, scheduling appointments, and just spending time helping other people (BLS.GOV). Working along medical offices and clinics help the medical assistants have to be prepared for many responsibilities, as in making sure that the doctors and nurses stay on task. It may seem like a simple job but one mistake a medical assistant makes can cause many problems. Being responsible is very important in the medical field because the medical assistant is dealing with the patient’s life, and they depend on your help to feel better. An individual who gets off task can have a pile of work causing them to get done in a longer amount of time than usual. Working with patients can help an individual learn communication skills. Communication is an important skill in the medical field because it is the only way the assistant can help the patient with their illness and help them understand how to make them feel better. This skill is not just important to help the patients, but to help the doctors and nurses as well, for the fact that all the responsibility is in hands of the medical assistant to complete the explanation to the doctors and nurses about the symptoms of the

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