What Makes The Blacksmith Forges The Beauty From Raw Materials?

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Through fire, metal is refined and defined purer and stronger as impurities are flaked away. With proper handling, the blacksmith forges the beauty from raw materials. Likewise, an individual who is faced with difficulties, sometimes almost too great to bear, is made sturdier and holier while enduring personal trials God allows in life. We all know this fire very well at some point in our days on Earth. As a master artisan, rest assured that God does not let His work be destroyed by the fire; He merely keeps us pliable and able to do His will. He is the artisan, full of creative expression.
He will never give you a burden too great for you to handle, or a situation too challenging for you to overcome. He will allow you to go to the edge of your limits, but will never set you up to fail. Though sometimes it feels like we can’t take the heat anymore, God wants us to lean on Him, the maker, for strength to endure the process. In doing so, we are both refined and defined by the sting of adversity. When we have come through a challenge, we can see just how strong we are, and how much God invests in us to give us trials in life. He can create a great work in us, through us, and because of us. We are his hands and feet, as we are His warriors. Bret also creates chainmail, an ancient and preserved art. Hour by hour, link by link, he patiently joins intricate and complicated patterns. If he didn’t pay attention to detail, his efforts would produce weak armor, ill fit…

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