Essay on What Makes A Good Life?

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Before anyone is born, nobody can pick the day they are going to be born. Nobody can pick if they want to be a boy or a girl. Therefore I can say nobody can pick the lives that they are going to be born into. In a perfect world, when anyone is born you’d be born in royalty that also consisted with a mother and a father. When I say royalty I mean a really good life, whether it be a super rich family, or by famous celebrities. It would be the life to be born into something like that. The point I’m trying to make is sometimes in hope to be born in “royalty” that most likely will not happen, instead you’d end up on the opposite spectrum like I did. Nothing I can do about it, that’s just how life is sometimes. Which is probably why life also made my dad walk out of my life when I was born. Growing up I always had this strange love for my dad, even though he was never there physically, the love was always there. When I was young, I never quite understood things about him as I do now, and as much as I wish I did I couldn’t. I remember he’d always call me and I was so excited to talk to him, like he never did anything wrong. It was funny because every call came with a promise. Whether it was an “invisible” PlayStation 2 that he was going to get me one day to the “invisible” plane ticket he was going to buy for me to see him. There was always a promise, and the crazy thing is I’d believe them all. He could of promised me he was going to take me to the moon, and I would have believed…

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