What Makes A College Degree? Essay

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To some a college degree is just a symbol of completion while others it is a symbol of endurance,independence, and the opportunity to finally have the job you’ve always desired.A college degree can bring many benefits and with the right major you can lead a successful life. It is always important to pursue a major that interests you but it is also important to consider other factors as well. Going to College can benefit you in many ways that people who contradict would have never considered. Considering the fact that there are different types of degrees you can receive, there is always the top degree that gains the most money. On College Atlas they talked about how different majors can bring different incomes. They explained the different amounts stating, “PhD’s, $100,000 or more; master’s, $63,000; bachelor’s, $55,700;associate’s, $42,000; high school diploma, $32,500. In addition , on average, bachelor’s degree holders earn about $2.3 million over their lifetime, while those with advanced degrees, including master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees earning $2,7 million, $3.2 million and $3.7 million, respectively.” Clearly, there is a huge difference between the amount that a high school diploma will get you and that of the amount that a PhD will get you. Considering all of this just obtaining an associate 's degree will bring you better income versus just going straight into the workforce with a high school diploma in hand. It is important to remember that what you…

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