Process Essay: What To Do After High School

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After high school, what is next? A lot of high school graduates are in doubt in what to do after high school. Many students decide to go continue on to college. Others are undecided on what they should do after high school. Nowadays having a high school diploma will not get you anywhere good. At least not as good as where a college degree would take you. Also depending on the major you decide to study, determining in going to college is a big part of your future. Even if you were not the best student in high school, college can sometimes be a different experience that you might or might not enjoy. It is not required for people to go on to college, but it is an option to have a better life. Having a high school diploma or General Educational …show more content…
If going to college is a big decision, picking your major is a more difficult one. The good thing in choosing your major, you can choose any major you would like to study about. When choosing your major, you have to think critically, because your major is going to be your specialty. Also, there are many majors to choose over when deciding what you would like to be a specialist in. Of course, if after choosing your major, you decide you need to change then you still can without being affected. It is okay for students to change their major as many times as they feel like. The good thing is that in college you decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. And in ordinary jobs, you have the choice of doing the job whether you like it or not because unemployment is high. This is where a college degree is worth more than a high school diploma because in college you have many doors open to different kinds of opportunities. Also after choosing your final major, you study about it and become a specialist in it. Depending on what kind of degree you earn, your salary varies because the more education you have the more money a company will offer for your services. For example, having a Bachelor’s degree is a very good start to your career, an even better start would be striving for a Master’s degree which would have a more superior position than having a Bachelor’s

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