Analysis Of Charles Murray's Article Are Too Many People Going To College

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In Charles Murray’s article “Are Too Many People Going to College?” he explains how the universities were created to mold and craft young adults into capable and cultivated human beings; at least this was how going to college was intended to be. He later explains that while people should go to college to pursue higher education many are attending universities just for the sake of obtaining a degree. While the author believes that investing one’s time in a university to study what perks their interest is valuable, he also feels that many are going for the wrong reasons. One of the most prevenient points Murray touches on is that four year universities are becoming increasingly unpopular due to the massive amounts of student debt that one will …show more content…
Many young men and women today are being led to believe that obtaining a colligate level degree is the only way for them to get a chance at finding a job and have a successful career. According to Murray (2015) it is also frowned upon not to have a degree in today’s society (p.251-252). When you look at the influences that are brought upon a youngster from the outside world from politicians, successful business tycoons, to maybe even their parents there is one large factor they all have in common. They all have a degree. In my view with all these subconscious influences being thrown at them I feel that many new generations of youths are being pushed by unrealistic expectations that attending college is their best or only option for success. On my next point in regards to college, I believe people should go for the right reasons.
Murray himself says in a data study he found by the Slogan Study of Youth and Social
Development (2015), “Data from the Slogan Study of Youth and Social Development conducted during the 1990s indicate that misaligned ambitions characterized more than half of
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To me that is why I and Mr. Murray believe that while having a degree is good it still does not give the job hunter the edge they need to pursue the career they desire. One of the other topics Murray (2015) brings up is that in today’s workforce employers value the fact that a person has a degree more so than any real world experience that individual can bring to the employer’s organization (p.245). Even those fresh graduates from an esteemed school are facing stiff competition when it comes to finding work because there are thousands just like him/her with the same amount of qualifications.
It has always been my belief that an individual can attend college for the pursuit of their personal interests. With that being said I feel many young minds are being advised that attending college is something that must be done rather than something that can be done and on their own accord. In regards to Murray’s work I feel that what needs to looked at is with so many individuals looking to higher education as a saving grace to a better life. With a whole new generation of high school graduates looking to universities to further their life will attending these institutions guarantee them a career they are looking

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