What Are The Arguments Against Abortion

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There has been a constant battle in the United States surrounding the controversy of abortion. We have seen Supreme Court cases, public marches, TV shows and other types of media involved in this matter, with different groups of people trying to convey their opinion about what women should or should not do, with everyone defending their different viewpoints. While pro-choice activists support women being able to make decisions about their own bodies and abortion, pro-life activists constantly fight for abortion to be illegal.
Women are considered human persons, therefore; they are protected under the civil rights code of the United States to make their own medical decisions to have an abortion as stated in the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade
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Religions belief is the main argument stating the immorality of abortion. The Catholic Church says that killing an unborn child is evil and argues that making abortion legal is wrong. Catholics believe that nobody has the power to take another’s life, especially an infant. What they are basically saying is that the mother carrying the fetus is sinning because if she decides to make an abortion she will be making a decision that should not be hers. Pro-life advocates has exceptions, for example; the fetus could be aborted only if it is conceived less than 90 days, during this time the fetus is not moving within the woman’s womb, neither their heart is beating or it have not developed living organs, therefore, they are not considered a person or living organism yet. This decision is explained by religious believers, who according to their beliefs God endowed a soul to a person giving them rights, which includes the right to live. If someone breaks this rule and decides to have an abortion after this timeframe then, they would be committing an immoral action. In the case of congenital defects, the pro-life activist argues that an indicator of a disease or deformity does not indicate that the child would be born into a life of suffering. They believe anyone can live a satisfying life with deformities and disease through guidance and love. Pro-life believers argue against the idea of abortion to safe a woman from financial hardship or poverty. They argue financial instability should not be an excuse to get an abortion because here in the United States the government has numerous welfare programs that can help the low income parents to support the child to prevent a life of suffering and inadequate living conditions, such as, food stamps, section 8 housing, WIC, Supplemental nutrition assistance program and childcare subsidies. And finally, when it comes with the exception of rape or incest to the woman

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