Should Abortion Be Outlawed Essay

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Should Abortion Be Outlawed?
In the modern age that we live in today, new technologies are immensely improving the lives of many in both the developed and developing world, people of all races and sexualities are beginning to gain the rights that they deserve, and the former reserved and traditionalist society that we once had is slowly fading away. Despite the bright outlook the future seemingly holds, there is a darker side in our day and age that holds us back from becoming the most innovative and optimal society there can be, and it concerns the matter of women’s bodies and the choices they have over them. The argument of abortion should realistically be non-existent; women, as people, should have the right to make a choice about their own body. Abortion is one of the many decisions a woman should be able to make about her own body because banning abortions can threaten women’s health and puts a limitation on a woman’s life and career.
Those who oppose abortion, also known as “Pro-Life” supporters find abortion morally disturbing and unethical. Such supporters claim that a child has every right to live as its’ mother does, therefore making it unfair and cruel to take that away from the child. The mother may have the right to live her life the way she chooses to, but to take away another human’s rights is not
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Pregnancies and having a child are dangerous and risky for women, and they also get in the way of opportunities for women to become successful and have a job. To deny a woman the right to make a decision about her own body would be the same as denying a woman the opportunity to be successful and secure her own safety. The debate of abortion is one of the many things that stand in the way of women gaining equal rights in our society as well as for the women around the world that face oppression in their day to day

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