Argumentative Essay On The Legalization Of Abortion

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There has been a long history in the USA of deciding what rights certain people have and what those rights are. The idea of America being a country where freedom is to be enjoyed by all raises millions of women’s eyebrows living within the country that continue to fight government officials for the right to have access to abortions. While both pro-choice and pro-life supporters agree they are in disagreement on human life, pro-choice focuses on women’s right to make their own decision in relation to abortion while pro-life is against women having abortions in whole. Should women have the right to do as they wish with their own bodies? How has the medical field handled abortions? Does abortions prevent a child from having a life of suffering? …show more content…
The debate on the legalization of abortion has continued to be at the forefront in most political debates. In the book The Abortion Debate: Understanding the Issues, Johannah Haney explains the standpoints of those for abortion, against abortion, and middle ground people. Though supporters of pro-life feel as though abortions take “the life of a separate human being”, the members of the pro-choice movement feel indifferent (Haney 63). The argument at hand stems from the idea of when life begins and who has the right to deny a life from living beyond a woman’s womb. Many non-supporters of abortion would argue, “life begins at the moment of conception” and “a fetus deserves the same rights as any other person” (Haney 63-64). Pro-life supports agree that abortions may not be a right choice in the eyes of some, but its necessary for many reasons that they should not have to explain to the world. Having the freedom to do as one wishes with their own body is apart of being American. Rather it is a tattoo, organ transplant from a person that can’t make their own decision, piercing, abortions etc. All Americans should be given their bodies back and not be limited by

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