A Personal Leadership Analysis

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One of the most important things in the world today is leadership. The world has approximately seven billion people and one can just imagine how chaotic it would be if there were no leaders. A world with so many people needs all kinds of leaders, government leadership to govern countries in different geographical areas around the world, religious leaders to guide followers spiritually, and leadership in organization and business to keep them afloat and help guide the world economy, just to name a few. Some people are born leader, and from a very young age you can see them showing signs of leadership, influencing their peers whether it’s on the play ground or in the class room. Some of us have to go out there and learn the different leadership …show more content…
The way you behave as a leader can have both a negative and positive influence on your subordinates. Some leaders do not know how to meet the balance between the organization’s mission and the their subordinates. In my past experience, I’ve seen leaders who would do whatever it takes to make sure the task at hand gets accomplish, and in some institution like the military or where it’s easy to fire staff, leaders who are inconsiderate take advantage of that. As a leader when you show more concern towards any of the two whether is the company or the subordinates the other suffers, and that why as a leader you should find a medium. The behavioral approach goes beyond favoritism towards the company. It also involves favoritism towards certain subordinates if a leader appears firm and tough with certain employees when they make mistakes, but soft and understand with others for the same mistakes, it sends a message of favoritism. As a leader you have to be as fair as possible towards your employees and the company. Keeping a constant behavior as a leader help develop trust not just by your subordinates but also by your superior, and that’s why I prefer the behavioral

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