What I 've Learned About My College Career Essay

1031 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 null Page
It’s always so hard to find the words to start a paper, especially one that will be primarily about me and the future. Needless to say, it’s pretty hard to determine my future goals and means of achieving them when I can barely think of what my day-to-day goals are and how I’m going to stay on top of everything in the immediate proximity. Even with that being the case… I suppose reflecting on what I’ve learned over the semester is pretty easy to do. So I’m going to start with that. Things that I’ve learned about myself, I haven’t really changed a whole lot from high school with the perpetual fatigue and sarcastic speech patterns. There has been some room for making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones, so that’s a bonus. However, I have high expectations for other categories in my college career. If I can’t be a successful socialite then I’ll try to thrive in academics. One of the biggest changes I’ll have to make to change that is to lessen the number of naps I take in a day and study harder for the tests. Not implying that I’m doing poorly but it would help the grades somewhat instead of banking on remembering enough information from lecture. Turns out that it doesn’t work with magic and pixie dust like I once believed; there’s just too much to absorb without notes. It seems as though everyone else has their goals in mind and are constantly trying to reach them. I figure if they can chase their dreams then so can I. Oh, and I’m going to develop myself more…

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