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Before going into English composition class, I believed that writing an essay was stressful and difficult, but I realized that an essay is a process that is done by many steps. The first thing I learned throughout this course was that it 's always better to start developing your essay with enough time. With the more time on you hands, meaning you don 't have to write your essay all at once. Alongside to what Mrs. Hernandez has mentioned before that we can write our essay or start it off and after a few days come back so we can put in new ideas that might have come up with them before. Also, making mistakes on our work doesn 't mean you 're a bad writer. Instead of telling yourself get it as an opportunity to learn from those mistakes, in order to catch them next time we do any essay. Our first draft is not always going to be perfect. I learned that I have to watch out for my grammar, spelling, and sentence fragments.
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I gave it a lot of effort to make sure everything was perfect when writing this essay. In my other English composition class that I took last semester I struggle, with the departmental essay. I struggled to figure out the structural and format of this essay. This course answers my questions of what I had when beginning to write a departmental essay. I learned that first paragraph, is a summary of the article, then in your body paragraph you introduce the three pillars of persuasion which are ethos, pathos, logos. Lastly, you need a conclusion as to why this article was effective or ineffective and give my personal opinion about the article. I am proud of myself that now been so close to taking the departmental exam this time. taking composition 1 I have become so close from taking the departmental exam from what I had been

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