What I Learned From A Baby Shower Essays

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One thing I learned from a Baby shower they had me shoot photographs for was a a shot list. They asked me to shoot both event and catering photographs for one of the leads Rena. Her daughter was leaving out of state afterward and Rena wanted a photographer, Wendy recommended me and that became part of the internship. I do wish that I took the time before hand to meet with the client with this Rena to talk more about the types of shots that she wanted. We did talk some but it made me realize that for event photography it is more then point and shoot and try to catch people in the moment along with all of the aesthetic parts of the image. I had done one event photography event before the internship and the prep that had followed that was image ideas as well as tips, but that did not completely prepare me for this event. This helped me later on because it was because of this realization I went in with a plan when shooting for the video. I also learned to just work on my patience in working with clients, because there will be people to who are difficult to work with and that is something that I will always have to deal with. All of these skills could be something that could come to be of help of me or anyone. There are always going to be clients that can not tell you what they want and expect you to read their minds, or expect you to predict their schedules. There are also going to be situations when they want to work with one of their idea people to bring their ideas to life…

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