What I Learned About Blood Essay

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I can’t remember a time when both of my biological parents were together, I only ever saw them exchange very few words when my mom would drop me off with my dad every other weekend until I was eleven. It always seemed like my parents were in a battle of tug-o-war, and I was the rope, splitting birthdays and holidays. I didn’t really understand why my dad was signing away his parental rights when I was only eleven, but I did know that it meant he would no longer be my dad. I am not sure how or what happened to make my dad decide he no longer wanted to be a part of my life. Maybe he decided I was no longer worth the percentage of his paycheck that went to child support, or maybe it was his bitter wife who did not accept me because I was not her own.
I don’t remember every detail of the day my life changed but I do know how it changed me. I know I learned that blood is not always thicker than water and that those who choose to step into our lives make a greater impact than those who only come for a short time. I know that I will never be the same little girl who believes everything in the world is good and whole. I know that my dad has the same hair color as me; his eyelashes are the same long length as mine and his eyes will always be the same round shape. The slightest parts of him come out in me, certain mannerisms, the way I say a word, or a facial expression. Half of his blood is rushing through my body, pounding through my heart, but I was no longer worth…

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