Personal Narrative: An Important Stage Of My Life

My friends loved me in junior high school because I was always jovial and spontaneous. Junior high was an important stage of my life because that was when puberty occurred and my view of the world changed. Meeting people with unique personalities, different from mines taught me to not be judgmental. Since I was a little girl I had always loved to socialize and make new friends. Communicating with others has never been a problem for me because I have a gift of reasoning. Understanding and reasoning with people helps me cope with different life styles easily. However, even though I feel that socializing is easy for me, communicating with Tammy was really difficult.

One morning when I got to class, my teacher announced that we would be having a new student. Of course I was happy because I knew I would make a new friend. Unfortunately, the principal made some adjustments and sent the new girl to Mrs. Lewis class instead. After a couple of hours in class my teacher allowed me to go out for recess. As I was playing on the field with some friends I noticed that the new girl, Tammy
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On a Monday afternoon I saw Tammy at a lunch table. As I was about to pass the table, I remembered that I wanted to ask her a few questions. As soon as I sat down besides her I said “hello Tammy” and she replied “hi.” I wanted to be straight forward about how I felt about her, so I asked her, “Why don’t you socialize with other students.” She hesitated before responding and then she said, “no one would like me.” I asked her “why not?” Tammy responded back and said, “because of my New York accent and I’m partially deaf.”I didn’t believe she was auditorily impaired until she turned the other way, and showed me her amplifier in her right ear. That explained why she didn’t respond to Angie when she greeted her at my locker. After the conversation I felt so guilty for judging her before getting to know who she really

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