Personal Narrative: The One Among Us All

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Betrayal: The One Among Us All
The days in Germany have changed. the streets have been empty, schools have been empty and Nazi reigned. “Where is everyone?” I asked mutter, while looking out the window. The sun still hadn’t broken through the clouds, but yet we were getting dressed for a formal event. “Aldrik hurry up, your father is waiting for us at the ghettos. Make sure you wear your Nazi uniform. You’ll look like a real kerl!” I looked over to my closet where my Nazi Youth uniform was lying. With light strokes at the wool, dust started to coat my floor. The uniform was too broad for my shoulders, and bulky compared to my small figure, however I still wore it to show my loyalty.
“Oh Aldrik! Time is ticking!”, mutter said as she rushed
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I was entangled by clothes left on the ground when I tripped and made a commotion. I looked up with the sight of fear in my eyes, as I looked face to face with the gentleman. His face was a face I could have recognized miles or even light years away, it was my father. I was crippled by bewilderment, as I started to pace away without looking back. I felt the chill of the air on face, while my lungs were burning, and I stopped and saw a man smoking a cigar pipe. “Where are the cattle trucks?", I asked him. "Down past those ghettos" the man said in a tattered voice, pointing toward a distant crowd. It all seem calm, as most of the cattle trucks were all leaving for the Warsaw ghetto. It was more like social hour as drinks were brought out. I saw mutter laughing with some other women. Today seemed like the best day of her life. One moment she was an unrecognizable monster and now she 's the happiest I have ever seen her. "The real celebration will start when every Jew is out of Germany! Cheers!" she said, as the wine glasses of her friends all clanked together. Sunset fell upon the sky, meanwhile, I sat down aside from the crowds, waiting for my mother to leave. Far from where I was sitting I saw the man who helped me with directions, offer cigars to some German soldiers. I sat in solitude while I thought about my father’s actions. What was his intention of helping out a

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