What I Know About Adolf Hitler Essay

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What I Know and Want to Know

I already know that Adolf Hitler was the leader of the holocaust, He had a lot to do with the camps and how it all came to happen. I also know that he was apart of both World Wars. He was the one that made everyone believe that the Jews were to be punished and other minorities of the time. If it weren’t for his success in public speaking, the holocaust wouldn’t been as devastating as it was. I would like to know how he was able to keep the camps going for so long without anyone stopping them. I would also like to know how he gained all of his popularity to actually have the holocaust happen. Also, what was his motive to cause so many deaths? If he wasn’t in the World Wars would he have gained as much popularity as if he wasn’t. I chose this topic because the idea is taught in school many times but it is never explained why it actually happened. I want to find out all of the questions I have about Hitler to further my knowledge on the topic. It is also intriguing in the sense that if anything similar were to happen today, it wouldn’t be nearly as successful as the holocaust was. Hitler was very successful in what he wanted to do and it’d be very hard to accomplish that today.

II. The Search

I went to the library to find information on my topic. I first found a book that answered my questions. The book was called Understanding the Holocaust. I looked at the chapter on Adolf Hitler. It brought me to a timeline of his life and how he…

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