Blitzkrieg Essay

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World War II was a difficult time for everyone. World War II happened roughly between 1939-1943. Some believe it wasn’t a real thing. The Nazis did a very good job hiding the fact that they were persecuting those who they did not believe were of the perfect race. Hitler was the leader of the Nazis and his presence as the leader of the nation made it possible for the Second World War to be such an insane ordeal and slaughter. Hitler was an exceptional leader; he had the people rallying behind him the whole time. Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany and the leader of the Nazi Party. He was a successful dictator. Hitler’s rise to power began when he was appointed as Chancellor of Germany when Hindenburg agreed to appoint him to the position …show more content…
Heinz Guderian is often credited for the creation of the strategy, he was Germany 's Chief of Mobile Troops, blitzkrieg was made to substitute for trench warfare and to stop all the unnecessary deaths from the trenches. blitzkrieg is a military tactic designed to help confuse the enemy forces. Blitzkrieg involves tanks, planes, and military foot soldiers to aim and pierce the enemies’ front lines. Heavily armed areas are avoided and they slowly target the areas of lesser volume of people and take them out swiftly and effectively getting rid of the opposing …show more content…
Dog fights are aerial battles between two opposing sets of planes. Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) is a key part in winning the dogfights. Since World War I, when dog fights were first introduced, weapons now have a longer range and thus have more power, making dogfights happen over a longer distance and planes are much more spread out is a new aspect of the war. The weapons used during World War II are much stronger than ever seen before.
Nuclear power and missiles were used in the Second World War. These new aspects of warfare are new to everyone involved in the war. The trenches were basically not a factor in the Second World War, compared to World War I where it was one of the biggest aspects of the war.
World War II was the initial fall of Nazi Germany. In the beginning; it appeared that the Nazis were going to get away with the holocaust, until the United States decided to intervene. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor Naval Base just outside Honolulu. The attack by the Japanese fighter planes lasted two hours and was devastating. Twenty American ships were destroyed and it included eight battleships. 2,000 Americans died in the attack and over 1,000 were

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