Causes Of The Holocaust

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In 1933 one of the most tragic genocides began. The Holocaust is one of the most well

known genocide durning World War II. Jews, gays, and disabled people where often the ones

placed in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Some may try to deny history, saying that

the Holocaust never happened, but there is hard evidence, as well as many survivors, that prove

its occurrence.

The Holocaust was a devastating genocide during Word War II. It took place under Nazi

Germany and lasted from 1933 to 1945. During that time period millions upon millions of people

died. The most well known group that was discriminated and persecuted were the Jewish people.

There were many groups of people who were murdered as well like Soviet prisoners
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The man to cause this horrific

massacre was Adolf Hitler. He had a normal childhood growing up in Vienna and he intended on

perusing an art career, but after fighting in World War I everything changed. He became very

involved with politics and ended up becoming the leader of Germany, by 1934. Once in power

Hitler started to discriminate against those that were not part of his “pure race.” Millions upon

millions of people died because of him. Some people try to deny the Holocaust saying “This

denial is irrational, largely unrelated either to the facts of the history or to the enormity of the

event” (Hitler’s Final Solution 1). People, specifically white people, have a hard time accepting

that racism is a real thing.

There are those who survived the Holocaust that tell their stories and there are some

who died and wrote about the hell of the Holocaust. Many survivors that are alive today have

told their stories either at high schools or a Holocaust memorial museums. If you ever go to hear

one of them speak of their experience at the end they will always tell you to never forget or

aways remember. Those who write memoirs say the exact same thing. Those who are alive
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The tragedy of it all is that maybe not to the same extent, but situations like

the Holocaust in the sense of racism has already occurred. A great example happened within the

United States of American. After Pearl Harbor was bomb the American people fell into fear and started discriminating against the Japanese people. It got the point where the Japanese were

removed form their homes to live in internment camps across the country. Currently people

today are starting to slip back into fear and discriminating against others. With the new President

of the United States being a racist some people fear for their families and friends. The muslims

are being targeted in the United States recently. There has been rumors going around the

President Trump is going to make all muslims register. This is exactly how the Holocaust began.

The Government slowly takes away the dignity and freedoms of a certain people. Fortunately

because of history people are aware that this could cause the next major discrimination. Many

people are ready to fight the government by registering even if they are not muslim, but register

just to mess up the system. General Otto Ernst Remer “He was one of the co-founders of

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