Adolf Hitler's Genocide Of The Jews

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Adolf Hitler was solely responsible for planning and issuing the genocide of the Jews. He first came up with methods to eradicate the Jewish population while he was serving his prison sentence in 1925. While in prison, he wrote a book titled Mein Kampf about his struggles in life and his intense hatred against Jews. Historian Lucy Dawidowicz believes that Hitler's time in imprisonment caused him to plan mass murder against the Jewish community because of his history with Jews and WW1. Such as his time in Vienna. Hitler attempted to join the academy of fine arts, but was rejected by a Jewish professor who thought his work wasn't adequate. Consequently, Hitler gained a strong dislike for the Jewish, but what also caused him to despise Jews was …show more content…
If these goals were achieved, then the Holocaust would be easier to accomplish proving Hitler had a motive in starting conflict between nations. When the Great Depression affected Germany, Hitler was elected in 1932. A year later Hitler became Chancellor and started to change Germany. Under these circumstances, Jews were prosecuted and the Rhineland was militarised, which broke the Treaty of Versailles. Once he had enough military power and started the Second World War, did Hitler move the Jewish in to ghettos for easy extermination in the future. He succeeded in carrying out the destruction of the Treaty of Versailles and starting World War Two without waiting for perfect circumstances so he was an internationalist. To prove his hatred against the Treaty he wrote in Mein Kampf "So long as this Treaty stands there can be no resurrection of the German people; no social reform of any kind is possible! " With the Treaty broken, Hitler gave himself the power to conquer other nations and execute all the Jews in his empire without being hindered by the Great Powers restrictions. Also there were no major consequences for the Treaty's destruction. As a result, Hitler planned the Jewish genocide while he was imprisoned as he knew breaking the Treaty would give him the …show more content…
For instance one of the most influential speeches was his appeal to the nation broadcast in 1933. "The German peasant has become impoverished,Our concern to provide daily bread will be equally a concern for the fulfilment of the responsibilities of society to those who are old and sick."His words about unemployment were so persuasive that he won over a large enough majority of the German public to be elected Chancellor. Furthermore the Nazi lieutenant colonel Adolf Eichmann used the argument his fellow party members employed. We were ordered to. Eichmann strengthened his point with his famous statement in court. "I did not persecute Jews with avidity and passion. That is what the government did. . . At that time obedience was demanded, just as in the future, it will also be demanded of the subordinate." The German government was ruled by Hitler, so he had supreme control over plans for the holocaust. Concluding he was not controlled by circumstance.

For these reasons Hitler was a strong leader who was solely responsible for planning the Holocaust as he became Chancellor in 3 years and his Nazi members held him responsible for the Jewish genocide in

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