Adolf Hitler Propaganda Poster

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Adolf Hitler’s ideology led to genocide because he was able to successfully spread anti-semitic ideas which isolated the Jews from the Aryans. Anti semitism is the hatred towards the Jews. In 1914, Hitler joined the German army to fight for the central powers. He was recognized for demonstrating bravery. Unfortunately, Germany lost WWI and Hitler had begun searching for someone to blame. He soon turned to anti semitic ideas which were created during the Middle Ages because the Jews represented a minority culture. During the Middle Ages, Christianity became popular and this new concept eliminated the Jews which made them the inferior race. By the 1920s, the Nazis used a lot of propaganda to differentiate the Jews from other superior races. In …show more content…
When we think of rats, we think of dirty, disgusting and ugly creatures. Hitler wanted us to think about the Jews, the same way we would think about rats. He is trying to point out that the Jewish race is ugly and in “Mein Kampf,” Hitler says that the Aryans are beautiful. The rats in this poster have long noses and this was a physical trait that most Jews had. This image is inspired by the folk tale, “Pied Piper of Hamelin”. In this story, Piper tries to get rid of the rats. Pied Piper is told that he will get paid from the Mayor if he gets rid of the rats, so he plays music which causes them to follow him. As they follow him, he leads them into the river and they drown. In the folk tale, Hitler is like the Mayor who hires people to kill this minority group. In reality, the Mayor does not pay Pied Piper and this sounds like something Hitler would do.The Jews are compared to the rats because Hitler believed that they were disgusting and he wanted to get rid of them. The rats are running towards the man in this poster and this resembles the image of the Jews following the leaders to the Concentration Camp. These guarded prison camps were created by the Nazis and the prisoners died from abuse, famine and disease. Most propaganda posters are inspired by the ideology of fascist leaders. Hitler’s ideology was based on anti-semitism. These ideas discriminated the Jews and other people were indoctrinated because they were taught to believe that the Jews were what was wrong with Germany. This eventually led to genocide because the Jews were the minority group who needed to be

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