Compare And Contrast The Armenian Genocide And The Holocaust Genocide

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"We must ALWAYS take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
- Elie Wiese, Noble Peace Prize Winner and Jewish Holocaust Survivor

I agree with the quote above because by staying neutral we don 't stand up for what we believe in. We all need to make a stand for what we believe is right and what we believe is wrong. If more people were to stand up for what they believed in perhaps the Holocaust and the Genocide of the Armenians wouldn 't have occurred. The Holocaust of the Jewish people in Germany and the Genocide of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire are two of the most remembered crimes. Both were alike in that they were each intent on targeting groups of people
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What is a genocide- "a deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation." What is a holocaust- "a destruction or slaughter on a mass scale." Within this paper I will be comparing how these two horrific events are alike and different. The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust were similar to each other with the same leadership that was hungry for power and control, both aggressors wanted full authority of their countries and one pure race, and the vicious treatment and manner of extermination towards the innocent people was the same. First of all, the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust were similar to each other with the same leadership that was hungry for power and control. Both were premeditated by leaders …show more content…
Hitler used the Armenian Genocide as a guide to conduct the Holocaust on the Jewish people . He wanted to expel Jews from Germany and wipe the country clean of them to become "racially pure" just like the Ottoman Empire did with the Armenians to become "religiously pure". The Ottoman Empire killed off the Armenians because they didn 't want Christianity. They wanted an entirely Muslim based land. The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust were both preplanned killings. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany 's loss of World War One. He used them as a scapegoat and blamed them for all of Germany 's financial problems. As it was many Germans already were anti-Semitic and hatred for them was very widespread. After World War One the Jewish people mainstreamed more into society and this bothered Hitler a lot. The Jews were financially smart and Hitler felt the Jews were disloyal to Germany. He observed the Armenian Genocide, and he took in the details of how Turkish leaders killed the Armenian and the methods they used. Hitler also studied how similar the Armenian 's were to the Jews in both intellect and in speaking up for what they felt was right. He also noted how no consequences were given after the genocide. This is what he counted on for Germany. He had full confidence that he could carry forth

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